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Your personal account manager is available to handle any need, from routine orders to custom requests. 

Back end

Our supremely skilled team of 300 master cutters at our multiple in-house factories in India, can provide any gemstone color spectrum and shape your heart desires in a prompt and timely manner.                       

Imagine a world where gemstones can become just as popular as diamonds, for a fraction of the price! Our talented staff,  spends every waking hour perfecting the fluid exchange between color and emotion through unparalleled gemstone cutting and reasonable price points to allow you, as our customer, to walk out with vibrant gemstones that can capture any emotion you wish to create with your jewelry.

Our Vision

Fine Gems NY Inc

Front end

We combine unparalleled customer service with an almost limitless and diverse inventory of finely polished and calibrated stones. We can satisfy all of your immediate needs to planned production requests.

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Our team works with you to make your stones the best that they can be, allowing you to walk out with a product that sparkles to capture anyone's eyes, drawing them ever deeper into your jewelry and brand. 

Quality Products

Our Strengths