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An Introduction

With its similitude with rubies and sapphires, this naturally occurring stone has made reappearance in this era.

This rare gemstone is composed of hard transparent magnesium aluminate or magnesium aluminum oxide. The Black Spinel Stone belongs to the Spinel family and is often confused with the black tourmaline. The word Spinel is originated from the Latin word, ‘Spina’, which means thorn. The name is derived in reference to the stone’s sharp formation. They are popularly found as water-worn pebbles, but also occur as octahedral crystal formations.  During the mining process, they are often confounded with sapphire and ruby.

Key Facts

Black Spinel is amongst the few naturally occurring stones which are formed by metamorphic activit,y that happens when the molten rock is combined with limestone or dolomites. This result in the deposits, that appears as durable mineral inside the rock.

Mineral Family- Spinel

Composition (Mg,Zn)Al2O4.

Refractive Index– 1.712-1.762

Hardness- 8

Colors- Other than black they come in red, pink, blue, yellow, and amber

Deposits- Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Nepal

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