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An Introduction

From being a collector’s gem to placing itself as mainstream stone, Chrome Diopside is a stone of the millennial.

While it was considered mainly as a collector’s stone, this rich deep forest stone has recently made its way into the mainstream gemstone industry. Chrome Diopside’s intense color is compared to that of Emerald’s, but it is more prone to scratches due to a low hardness quotient. Its rich green color along with translucency has given more value to the stone. The natural occurrence of this crystal has also added to the value. Diopside comes in different colors, however, the Chrome Diopside is the primary reason why the Diopside mineral group is on the map today. A purple diopside is referred as Violane and there is also a dark green to black equivalent known as Star Diopside.

Key facts

An interesting fact about chrome diopside is, its color gradually darkens with the increase in size. In fact, in some cases, the stone can turn so dark, that it appears black.

Mineral Family- Diopside

Composition- CaMgSi2O6

Refractive Index- 1.664 – 1.730

Hardness 5.5-6.5

Colors- Green, brown, yellow, and black

Deposits- Russia, Pakistan, China, Madagascar

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