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An Introduction

Bright as the energy it elicits, citrine is the gemstone that emanates ecstasy and positivity.

The name of the stone is derived from a French word, which means lemon. Since as long as 300 B.C., Citrine has been a popular ornamental gem of the jewelers. Initially, they were the most loved amongst the Romans and Greeks, however later in the 17th century, Queen Victoria also became fascinated with the gemstone. Citrine also encompasses many healing properties, such as boosting digestive and endocrine system by cleansing out the toxins and purifying. They are considered a great stone to provide relaxation in anxious circumstances like depression, panic attack, stress, etc.

Key Facts

As the stone became more common, its popularity decreased, however, it made a solid comeback amongst the people, when Hollywood Celebrities were seen wearing citrine jewelery during the Art Deco period.

Mineral Family- Quartz

Composition- SiO₂

Refractive Index- 1.544-1.553

Hardness- 7

Color- Yellow, Orange, and Brown

Deposits- Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Scotland, USA, France, and Spain.

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