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An Introduction

Tethered with the Earth, Cognac Quartz exemplify integrity and solace.

Quartz is amongst the most popular minerals found on the Earth. These stones come in different beautiful forms and varieties, and one such variety of Quartz is Cognac Quartz. This particular stone is believed to have an intrinsic connection with the properties of Earth. It displays a brighter color than Smoky Quartz, but more intense than Citrine. Since the ancient times, the Cognac Quartz is believed to encompass many healing properties. It is considered to neutralize the negative energy, purify chemicals, and prevent the absorption of harmful radiations.

Key facts-

As the stone display the color of Cognac, it is popularly known as “Beer Quartz.”

Mineral Family- Quartz

Refractive Index- 1.544-1.553

Hardness- 7

Composition- SiO2

Colors- Cognac

Deposits- Brazil

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