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An Introduction

Embracing an exuberant rich green shade, Green Onyx personifies freedom, integrity, and valor.

Green Onyx, as the name suggests, belongs to the Agate family. Since antiquity, the Green Onyx gemstone has been a popular jewelry, because of its royal color display. They are considered a close substitute for Emeralds. These stones are not just there because of their beauty, but they are also believed to be a great stone for physical as well as mental healing. Green Onyx is considered one of the most soothing stones in the Agate family. It is believed to develop creativity, speaking ability, and stimulates expressiveness. The stone also helps in relieving tensions, worries, and fears.

Key facts

Other than being considered as a good substitute of emerald,  Green Onyx is often confused for Jade because of the color resemblance. Additionally, Green Onyx is typically found as a dyed version of Agate

Mineral Family- Agate

Composition- SiO2

Colors- Shades of green

Deposits- Various mines all over the world. Green Onyx can be found wherever Agate deposits are located

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