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An Introduction

Transforming itself from being rusty to lustrous, Hematite is the emblem of vigor.

Famous all across the globe, Hematite is a lustrous gemstone whose primary component is iron. The presence of iron is what gives it a metallic shine. While the stone appears dark grey, its name was derived from a Latin word which means “blood stone.” This is because of the rust covered iron content of this naturally found stone. In older times, the gemstone was used as a popular decorative item. The intimidating dark color was a great embellishment for the armors. They are also believed to avail strength and help avoid negative energy in life.

Key facts:

When Hematites are found, they appear red with rough edges, however once polished, they transform into a sheen grey color, making it a semi-precious gemstone.

Mineral Family- Natural

Composition- Fe2O3, α-Fe2O3

Refractive Index- 2.94-3.220

Hardness- 5-6.5

Colors- Metallic grey

Deposits- Brazil, China, India, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela, Australia, and USA.

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