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An Introduction

Iolite Gemstones is the beauty of the clear and serene night sky.

The transparent form of cordierite, Iolite is a magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate mineral. While this mineral’s history travels a long way back, Iolite is comparatively modern and not very popular. The crystal derived its name from a Greek word ‘Ios’, which means ‘violet.’ It also had a trade name ‘water-sapphire’, because of its strong pleochroism, however, the name today has become obsolete. The gemstone can appear sapphire from one side and can give a clear water-like appearance from another. Additionally, it can also display honey-yellow or light green color from the top.

Key Facts

Another name for Iolite is ‘Dichroite’, which denotes its pleochroic feature. Dichroite comes from the Greek word meaning ‘two-colored rock’

Mineral Family- Cordierite

Composition- (Mg,Fe)2Al4Si5O18

Refractive Index– nα = 1.527 – 1.560 nβ = 1.532 – 1.574 nγ = 1.538 – 1.578 Indices increase with Fe content.

Hardness 7-7.5

Color- Blue, Bluish violet, Yellowish brown, smoky blue, gray, brown, colorless pale, blue, greenish

Deposits- India, Brazil, Canada, Myanmar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania

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