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An Introduction

Replicating the power of the sun, Lemon Citrine signifies imagination, exhibition, and determination

The yellow to an orange form of Quartz is known as Lemon Citrine. Citrine attained its name from the Citron, which is a yellow fruit similar looking to lemon. It is very difficult to obtain natural Citrine, thus they are often composed of heat-treating amethyst and smoky quartz. Generally, it takes a light heat to get the light to golden yellow color, and if heated to high temperatures, the stone will transform to either a darker shade of yellow or brownish-red color.

Key Facts

Lemon Citrine is popularly denoted as a Merchant’s stone, as it is said to not only increase wealth, but also helps in maintaining life.

Mineral Family- Citrine

Composition- SiO₂

Hardness – 7

Colors- Golden yellow, dark yellow, brownish red to orange-red, bright orange, and lemon yellow

Deposits- Zaira, Madagascar, Argentina, Spain, Russia, and Namibia

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