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An Introduction

Boasting the sea’s strength, Maderia Citrine bestows tenacity and ecstasy

The most famous Citrine is the stone in saturated colors known as Madeira Citrine. The name is derived from a fortified Portuguese wine, which was made in Madeira Islands. The stone comes in different colors ranging from golden, orange, to reddish brown, and brown.  The rare sherry tone of the stone gives it a desirable quality, making it the most expensive variety of Citrine. The gemstone also has a solid durability which adds to its desirability. Madeira Citrine is the stone of happiness, as it is believed to bring bliss and vivacity to life.

Key Facts

Madeira Citrine, similar to other members of the family, is translucent in nature along with vitric sheen.

Mineral Family- Citrine

Refractive Index- 1.544-1.553

Hardness- 7

Composition- SiO2

Color- Orange, golden, golden orange, reddish brown, and brown

Deposits- Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Scotland, USA, France, and Spain.

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