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An Introduction

Symbolizing positivity, warmth, and balance, Moonstones embody the beautiful tranquillity of the moon.

Moonstone is the famous member of the Feldspar gemstone family. It’s name is derived from the glowing sheen color that looks similar to the moonlight. Moonstone can also be considered a member of the Oligoclase and Orthoclase gemstone family. The unique ‘play of color’ displayed by Moonstone is called adularescence. This effect gives an appearance of floating light, which is caused by the presence of structural anomalies.

The greater the transparency in the stone with the strength of it’s color sheen, the more desirable and valuable it gets. Moonstone is considered to help in attaining a balance in life.

Key Facts

Moonstone is among the few stones that come with a true identity. They are identified by the fissure system, present along the incipient cleavages, which are caused by the pressure of exsolutions. The fissure systems appear as small cracks showing perpendicularly along the length.

Mineral Family- Feldspar

Composition- KAlSi3O8

Refractive Index- 1.518 – 1.526

Hardness– 6-6.5

Colors- Blue, peach, pink, white, green, brown, and colorless

Deposits- India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Tanzania

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