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An Introduction

Sustaining the power of morning rays, Olive Quartz embrace more than striking looks.

Quartz gemstones are boosted with power and Olive Quartz is no exception. Whether it’s the exceptionally beautiful look or its durability, the gemstone has the best of both worlds. The stone displays a vibrant green hue, along with various shades of bright yellow. Olive Quartz is believed to encompass the power of morning sunshine and helps in healing joint pains. As the shade of green intensifies on the stone, the healing properties are also said to be enhanced.  

Key Facts

The purity of Olive Quartz is determined by its surface clarity. The purest form of the stone, emanates clear appearance without any irregularities and spots. One can also obtain a deeper stone color by heat treatment.

Mineral Family- Quartz

Refractive Index- 1.544-1.553

Hardness- 7

Composition- SiO2

Colors- Yellow and green

Deposits- Brazil

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