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An Introduction

The symbol of originality, Prasiolite is winning its way into the hearts for its simplistic allure.

The gemstone alternatively is also known as Green Amethyst, and Green Quartz. It is one of the most striking semi-precious stone and its greenish color makes it a perfect jewelery element. Prasiolite got its name from two Greek words ‘Parson’ and ‘Lithos’, which mean leek and stone respectively. It comes in a green color similar to the leek, but at times, these stones feature a yellow green color as well.  Prasiolite is said to evoke positivity and stimulate energy. It also encompasses healing factors like cleansing the toxins, treating ulcers, tumors, stomach acid, and blockages.

Key Facts

This green amethyst may commence its journey as purple amethyst, however, later it forms itself as a pale green quartz.

Mineral Family- Quartz

Composition- SiO2

Color- Hues of green

Refractive Index- 1.544 – 1.553

Hardness- 7 – lower in impure varieties

Deposits- Brazil

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