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An Introduction

The Singer’s Stone, Carnelian is a symbol of warmth, vibrant, and the power of true expression

Carnelian is an amber, red, or orange form of Chalcedony. They are closely similar to another chalcedony stone named Sard, which is a translucent brownish red form. In ancient times as well as today, this stone is believed to help people become eloquent and courageous. While Carnelian is opaque, at times light does pass through it when viewed from the edges. Most of the Carnelian has natural coloring, however, some lighter stones may be treated with color dye to enhance the color.

Key facts

Carnelian was discovered in Knossos, from the Bronze Age Minoan, on Crete and was demonstrated as a piece of decoration, this goes back to around 1800 BC.

Mineral Family- Chalcedony

Chemical Formula- SiO2

Refractive Index- 1.54-1.55

Hardenss- 7

Colors- Brownish to Red

Deposits- Brazil, India, USA, and Uruguay

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