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An Introduction

With rich color and a flawless cut, Rhodolite showcases its beauty along with the power of healing

Impeccably stunning, Rhodolite is a natural blend of Pyrope, Garnet, and Almandite. The stone comes in a different shades of pink. The most expensive color Rhodolite is raspberry. They are strong, durable, and easy to clean, making them ideal for jewelry. Additionally, having a transparent clarity, Rhodolite stones are generally cut into fantasy shape. They signify emotional, spiritual, and physical support and are believed to have healing powers that stimulate blood circulation, digestive tract, and the immune system.

Key Facts

While Rhodolite stones are generally found in alluvial deposits as water pebbles, they are often mined from metamorphic rocks directly.

Mineral Family- Pyrope-Almandine

Composition- ((Mg,Fe3)AL2(SiO4)3)

Refractive Index 1.760 (+.010, −.020)

Hardness 7- 7.5

Color- Purple to Red

Other Deposits- Brazil, Kenya, Greenland, Madagascar, Norway, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, United States of America, India

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