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An Introduction

Ranging from dramatic pink, red to violet, Rubellite is a multifarious gemstone known for its rarity.

Rubellite belongs to the colorful family of Tourmalines. The stone got its name from the Latin word “Rubellus”, which mean reddish. Owing to its uniqueness and rarity, Rubellite is the most expensive stone in the Tourmaline family. Another sporadic quality about Rubellite is that its pyroelectric, meaning the stone gets electrically charged when heated.

Key Facts

A true Rubellite never changes its color with the change in the light source. While rare due to the structure of the crystal, to a certain degree, Rubellite gemstones are imperfect.

Mineral Family- Tourmalines

Composition- A(D3)G6(T6O18)(BO3)3X3Z

Refractive Index- 1.619 – 1.655

Hardness- 7- 7.5

Color- Red, pale pink, rich pink, violet

Other Deposits- Nigeria, Madagascar, Brazil, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia, and Zambia

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