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An Introduction

The “Stone of Power”, Smoky Quartz is the fighter of obscurity and obscenity.

Smoky Quartz is a translucent brown form of quartz. Its clarity ranges from sheer transparency to an almost brownish-grey stone. Some rare black variety of the stone can also be seen.

The translucency is the result of natural irradiation, which creates free silicon inside the gemstone. It is believed to enhance survival instincts, while facing different life situations. Like other dark stones, this stone also has the ability to keep negativity at bay by absorbing it, and providing a more positive outlook.

Key facts

In ancient times, Smoky Quartz was denoted as the “Stone of Power.”

Mineral family- Quartz

Composition- SiO2

Refractive Index- 1.544-1.553

Hardness- 7

Colors- Brown to Gray

Deposits- Africa, Brazil, India

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