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An Introduction

Loved for its tangerine or mandarin orange, Spessartite voyaged from being uncommon to prevalent jewelry embellishment over the years.

The garnet gemstone family is widespread; however, Spessartite is not like other garnets. It is an exceptional stone that carries higher refractive index when compared to sapphire.  Spessartite includes manganese aluminum silicate in its composition and the rich orange color is derived from the presence of manganese. Besides, these gems are amongst the few which are colored by a primary composition element instead of impurity. Before 1990, Spessartite stone was considered a rare stone to collect, but that changed when in 1991, it was discovered in a mine in North-Western Namibia. Later in 1999, an even larger find was made in Nigeria.

Key Facts

While most Spessartite stones feature orange color, there are few which display orange-red color, which is due to the traces of iron. These gemstones are popularly referred to as Spessartite connoisseurs.

Mineral Family- Garnet

Composition- Mn2+3Al2(SiO4)3

Refractive Index- 1.795-1.815

Hardness- 7

Color- Yellow to red

Deposits- East Africa, Ramona, California, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Nevada

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