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Our Story

Sustaining the Legacy of Furnishing the Finest Gemstones’

With extensive experience of over 30 years, we imbibe the prowess to offer our clients only the best of quality in product and service. With each passing year, we have always strived to improve and learn from experience and it is this quest for progress that has made us a world leading reliable supplier of responsibly sourced gemstones today. From Aquamarines and Tourmalines to Garnet, Amethyst, and Citrine, we offer an enriched collection of gemstones that are curated by only the finest craftsmen in the industry.

Legacy Collection

Our Exquisite Collection of Gemstones

Whether you are looking for a healing stone or a limited edition gemstone, our esteemed collection is embellished with an array of dazzling gemstones that are guaranteed to complement your every exclusive desire.

Custom Ordering

Imagine a world where gemstones can become just as popular as diamonds for a fraction of the price! Our talented staff, spends every waking hour perfecting the fluid exchange between color and emotion through unparalleled gemstone cutting creating vibrant gemstones that can capture any emotion you wish to create with your jewelry.



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Our Vision

We endeavor to create a world where gemstones can be just as popular as a diamond, with more affordable price tags. Our talented team works round the clock to fuse those quirky colors with innumerable emotions and unparalleled gemstone cutting to offer a vibrant gemstone, that allows you to tout your precious collection.’



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